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Secret Investor Knight SEO

What The Heck is This? A part of real estate investing that I hate sharing but will share some.

We plan to help folks advertise their properties locally and globally through our SEO skills and real estate expertise.  We do not seek to be the "jack of all trades", yet the "knight of all trades" making money by helping people make money.  I am an Entrepreneur from a long line of family owned African American businesses in the following industries:

Houston Real Estate Investing: 

The Houston Real Estate Story of the Local Hero began  80 Years, African American Navy Chef 

Mr. Dempsey Parhms, started buying, building and moving houses in the Sunnyside area.  This was a time when blacks really couldn't get loans from banks too easily.  He has up to 10 properties when he died at age 88.  He is the great grand father of the owner of

Houston Catering Company:

Mr. Dempsey Parhms had a very smart daughter named Norma , she would Marry Bennie Ferrell and convince him to start Bennie Ferrell Catering Officially in 1959.  They are the still today a top Houston catering company.  Bennie Ferrell and Norma Ferrell are the grandparents of the owner of

Yes I am a search engine optimization expert, but I don't like to talk about it much because I don't know if the other person listening is really feeling my level of optimization or simply patronizing me.  Yes I created secret optimization plans for many companies since the year 2001, but now I'm bringing those skills to my house investments website.  Yes I do give SEO courses and real estate investment courses for a fee.  I believe I am one of the best SEO experts in the world.. With the website,, I will combine my skills in SEO, with my skills as a real estate investment Expert, to help many people and make a living for myself.

Learn from this website but do not copy without our permission!

We will share SEO information for free or for profit on this website (MyHouseInvestments).  This is deep SEO Real Estate Info. many of which was created by me and for our visitors or members, we don't want this shared without our permission.  If our strategies are shared, we want credit for that strategy after permission is given. will one day be a major SEO Real Estate Investment Strategy Company.