Real Estate Investor Definitions


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Definition of a Real Estate Investor- A real estate investor puts up time, resources, and money to create successful projects out of real estate projects, many times the projects may be stressed out properties or could us a little help.  Real estate Investors find people that are looking to make money on a real estate transaction, offer those people money and a contract to temporarily control the property by way of earnest money to hold/invest or short term purchase and or assign the contract to a new buyer; while paying the original seller off.  This is one of many ways to be successful as a real estate investor.

BirdDogging- Riding around looking for houses or properties that would be good fixer uppers or investments.

Landlord- A person who owns or runs land, building(s) or a house(s).  Derives from the British culture. 

Real Estate Offer to Purchase- An Offer to Purchase real estate from the seller or a person who has equity in the property.  Many times real estate investors us this method to gain agreements to buy real estate.

Earnest Money- Earnest Money is given to have equitable interest in a real estate deal.  Many times a real estate investor will give a seller earnest money to show the seller that he or she is serious about this real estate transaction.  Because earnest money is used usually to gain equitable interest in a real estate deal, buyers should make sure that they are willing to risk losing the earnest money if the buyer decides to pull out of the deal.

Real Estate Assignment Contract-  A Contract that assigns the rights to a property to a new buyer. 

Low-Ball Offer- When a prospective buyer offers an unreasonably low offer on a property.  Believe it or not some groups in the Houston Texas real estate market and other markets will give you low offers just to discourage you or soften you up on your price confidence.

Real Estate Liability- Something that should be considered in every real estate deal as far as risk on property or business model.  This should be avoided and minimized. Investor Definitions Definitions Page Investor Definitions Page Investor Definitions Investor Definitions